Wood, aluminum, or a combination? Your choice.

Your specific requirements will indicate the best option. Whatever your choice, UnikFunkis gets you a high quality design.


Get the details on our three main options:

Wood Windows

Parts of UnikFunkis pine wood windows exposed to weather are guaranteed to be made primarily from cores. Core lumber absorbs much less moisture than does surface wood in that it has been naturally 'self-impregnated' and thus lasts much longer. Removing knots and fingerjoining/laminating the wood prepares it for an optimal surface treatment.

In order to protect the wood against deterioration, UnikFunkis applies an environmentally friendly primer and surface treatment meeting the window industry requirements that govern the manufacture of windows and exterior doors in Denmark.

Rebates are typically made of powder coated aluminum matching the typical color of the wood. Rebates in other colors are painted and feature hidden nails.

Combination Wood/Aluminum Windows

Combining wood and aluminum in window and door frames yields several advantages. Inside, the windows and doors look just like conventional wood windows. Externally, the UnikFunkis products look like the traditional wood windows and doors, but the casing and frame surfaces are made of aluminum.

The aluminum frame surfaces provide effective protection of the underlying wood that has been primed and surface treated in the same way as other wood elements from UnikFunkis. In addition, they offer the advantage of not needing maintenance. They just need cleaning when the windows are being washed anyway.

The aluminum surfaces are powder coated and are available in nine standard colors – check them out here. Custom colors are available on request at a surcharge. In addition, these windows are available in sound damping versions and versions with built-in blinds.

Mahogany Windows

Central Africa is the source of the Sipo and Sapeli varieties of mahogany wood used by UnikFunkis. The quality of these varieties is consistently excellent, with a high specific weight and a naturally rich content of oil. Impregnation is not required as the oil enhances the stability and durability of the wood.

Instead of being impregnated, hardwood elements are surface treated with a lightly pigmented coating that preserves the original color and structure of the wood and protects it against wear and tear from weather. Bottom rebates are bronze anodized aluminum. Nails in side and top rebates are hidden.