Energy Conservation

Our windows give you the opportunity to achieve energy savings in your home.



Double glazing

Elements in wood/aluminum, pine, and mahogany with energy conserving doubleglazing and warm edge spacers mounted in a 116 mm frame. This is a superior window meeting the requirements in Building Code BR15, and it's a great choice especially for replacements.

Triple glazing

Elements in wood/aluminum or pine with triple glazing mounted in a 116 mm frame. A great choice for new construction or renovations in that these windows meet the anticipated requirements in Building Code BR20. The windows are energy neutral, in fact energy positive in effectively retaining heat and slightly adding to the heat in the building.

Triple glazing Energy Plus

The wood/aluminum Energy Plus Classic features a traditional 140 mm frame for mounting in a brick wall opening. It comes with triple glazing and warm edge spacers. Energy Plus Classic is available with built-in blinds. This is a superb choice for the energy conscious consumer in that it adds significantly to the heat in the building.